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The aim of this global offering is to provide our customers with both methodological and business support for the implementation of a performance management system, with the option of a tool-based solution:

  • Business consultancy on process analysis and definition, identification, and implementation of indicators, followed by the creation of dashboards. Our approach is truly industrial and pragmatic (Logistics, Quality, Purchasing, Project Management, Industrialisation, Maintenance, Methodology...).

  • Configuration, implementation, and integration into the client's environment. Training on performance management tools for independent use.

  • Extensive range of training programs.

Our approach is based on the «Balanced ScoreCard» methodology.

This performance management system was developed in the early 1990s by Mr. Kaplan and Mr. Norton.

The objective of this system is to establish the indicators and dashboards necessary for aligning action plans that will enable the company to implement its strategy and comprehensively define areas for improvement.

The great advantage of this method is to analyse the company's performance along different axes and consolidate indicators covering completely different concepts. For any questions, please contact us.

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Let's together design a management system for your pharmaceutical, hydroelectric, or nuclear project.

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