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We address three types of missions within the scope of consultancy: software integrations, business interventions, and outsourcing.

Integrations are missions focused on the QlikView software, including:

  • Consultancy through a business vision and proposals.

  • Tools (software), ensuring innovation, optimisation, and performance.

  • Training with a focus on business aspects supported by tools.

  • Services through our professionals at Alcade Management.

Business interventions are missions where the client requires our expertise on a project or internally. Issues related to information structuring and business activity management often lead to a significant improvement in their efficiency in areas where demand and needs are growing. In such cases, we aim to support the client by making our presence felt through proposals for methods and structure.

Outsourcing of document management is carried out through mixed teams from ALCADE Management France/Belgium, working in coordination at the client's premises.


Management of a major ISO certification project

This mission included the analysis and mapping of existing processes, highlighting project management skills necessary for the completion of this extensive work.

Structuring evaluation data for strategic management

This mission initially involved the analysis of data and their format for standardisation. The final solution consisted of establishing models (templates) and procedures enabling the aggregation of information in a dashboard created using the BI software QlikView.

Establishment of a departmental management system

This mission addressed the need for visibility and evaluation of the Doc Control activity. A dashboard was created, bringing together both performance indicators and workload evaluation tools thanks to QlikView capabilities.


Improvement of the offer management and tracking system


This mission included the analysis and optimisation of existing processes, resulting in a data structure solution formalising the management of commercial offers with now exploitable data.

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