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We group our Project Support activity around two areas of intervention:

  • Project Control falls within the framework of large-scale construction projects, typically involving Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and sometimes Installation (in the case of Offshore projects). These projects represent the main activity of our Oil & Gas clients.

  • Optimisation projects aim to improve the management of certain activities within the company itself. This could involve formalising commercial offers to assess future workloads, standardising project tracking, or optimising archiving methods using a customised archive database.

  • Cost Control involves establishing and monitoring budgets and costs for a project. Dedicated individuals must standardise time tracking and expenses to categorise them. These costs can then be compared to forecasts, budgets, and receipts.

  • Activity Planning is the decomposition of a project's activities into measurable sub-activities and their scheduling throughout the project period. Project progress is a crucial, often contractual element that requires expertise and rigor.

  • Document Management is a central element in construction projects. Plans, procedures, calculations, requisitions, and various other types of documents are generated by engineering. These documents need to be controlled, centralised, and made available to relevant parties wherever they are. Electronic Document Management (EDM) requires robust software as well as competent personnel.

The objective of this offering is to provide our clients with industry support combined with well-honed technical skills in the overall management of their projects. Additionally, we offer effective tracking solutions, often tool-assisted, to enhance efficiency, resulting in financial gains. Share your projects with us!

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